Commander: Business Phones for your Business.

Choosing the right phone system is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business.

Commander has a range of hosted products and plans, from a smart office phone to a complete hosted internet phone system, and can help you tailor the right phone system to suit your business.

From just $39/month per handset!

(Total minimum cost from $968.75 over 24 months, incl. $9.95 P&H)

We support you with:

Business grade handset with HD Voice

Unlimited standard local and national calls

No line rental

Low mobile rates

NBN-ready – just plug in and go

Bundles with one of our Internet plans for great discounts

Bundle & Save!

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Commander's Phone + Internet Bundles deliver great value!

  • Unlimited Data
  • Included Standard Local & National calls
  • Business-grade Handset with HD Voice
  • Wi-Fi Router (optional)

Smart Features

The Commander Phone platform is packed with features that make running your business easier.

Hunt Groups

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines. (First group free).

Simultaneous Ring

All of your phones ring at the same time, until the call is picked up on one of the phones.

Sequential Ring

Your phones ring one after the other, until the call is picked up.


Receive voice messages in your email, webmail or smart phone.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another phone extension or to an external third party number.

Auto Receptionist

Automated call answering with personalised menu options to direct calls. (eg. Press 1 for Sales)

Customer Call Forward

Choose which calls are redirected to another destination.

3 Way Conference Call

Talk with two other people on the same call.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our full range of Business Phone Products, with a choice of three different phone products

Commander Phone

Phones can now be connected through the internet, which means no line rental, no missed calls and most of your standard local and national phone calls are for free.

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Commander Key Phone

Perfect for companies with several employees, this is a multi-line phone solution without the expense of an internal switchboard (PBX) system.

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Commander Smart SIP

We can turn any traditional telephone network into an internet connected service without changing your handset – and with no set up fees.

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Why do more small businesses choose Commander?

Customers choose Commander because we ask all the right questions about their business needs up front.

It helps that we’ve been the small business specialists for over 30 years and transitioned thousands of small businesses (just like yours) across to premium voice and data services. Finding out about your business goals early means we can cut through all the complexity to deliver a simple, straightforward solution that sets you up for the future - so you can shift your focus to more important things - like getting back to business.

The Fine Print

  1. Commander Phone is a telephone service provided as internet telephony via your internet connection, charged at your applicable internet plan rates. An internet service with a minimum of 100/100 Kbps per simultaneous call is required for a Commander Phone service. Service availability and quality may differ from a standard telephone service. The quality of the service is subject to network and Internet congestion. The service may not be appropriate if you or another user have a disability, serious illness or other life threatening condition which requires an uninterrupted phone line with access to 000 emergency services.
  2. Priority Assistance is not available on this service.
  3. You are responsible for installation of the handsets supplied as a part of your Hosted Phone service, including any associated cabling, and configuration of your network and any routers and/or switches within your network in order to allow the Commander Phone service to work. Valet Install available. Standard Valet Installation is included when you buy two or more handsets on 24 or 36 month contracts at the same site otherwise fees are $159 per site and $49 per handset (cabling additional). Surcharge may apply for regional or remote sites.
  4. Free calls are calls made from your Commander Phone service to another office phone or mobile service on the same Commander account - no connection fee applies.
  5. The Commander Fair Use Policy (FUP) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) apply. For a copy of the Commander Customer Terms (SFOA, FUP & AUP) please go to Customer Terms or contact Customer Service.
  6. Smart Mobile Pack excludes high volume telemarketing.
  7. Contract terms of 0, 24 and 36 months available. Minimum total costs calculated as: Contract length x Monthly Fee plus applicable set up fee and $9.95 delivery fee for handset. No set up fee applies on 24 and 36 Month contracts. Minimum Total Cost for: Essentials is $178.90 on 0 Months, $968.75 on 24 months, $1448.15 on 36 months; for Office is $213.90 on 0 Months, $1088.75 on 24 Months, $1628.15 on 36 Months; for Executive is $263.90 on 0 Months, $1328.75 on 24 Months, $1988.15 on 36 Months.
  8. Should you sign up to a Minimum Term agreement and cancel before the agreed minimum term ends, an early termination fee of $300 per Essentials plan, $400 per Office plan, and $500 per Executive plan, pro-rated over the remaining months of your contract will apply. Handsets for services cancelled within the contract term must be returned within 30 days of cancellation or a Handset Non-Return Fee of $200 for Essentials, $300 for Office and $400 for Executive will apply. 
  9. Upgrades and downgrades to Commander Phone services are available upon request. Fees may apply. Please speak to your Commander representative for more information.
  10. All calls not listed as Standard Call types, such as calls to international numbers, premium numbers and directory assistance, are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee. For details of charges for call types not listed, please contact your Commander representative or call Customer Service on 132 777. Charges to premium numbers are set by the number provider. Click here for International call rates, please note they may be subject to change without notice, due to international carrier pricing and currency fluctuation.
  11. Timed calls are billed in 1 second increments.
  12. Any included call value expires at the end of each month and is not refundable or transferable.
  13. If you relocate numbers to an area outside the geographic zone in which your numbers are normally used (eg. 03 number to an 02 area), calls to those numbers may be charged at STD rates by the caller’s own service provider and you may not be able to port the numbers to another carriage service provider if they do not support Out of Area Numbers.
  14. Information and pricing was correct as of 1 February 2018. All pricing is inclusive of GST. Commander is a registered trademark of M2 Commander Pty Limited, ABN 85 136 950 083.

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