DSL Internet + Phone Bundles
for your business

The Commander Complete Biz Bundle is all you need to get your business online. 

We understand that your small business needs are unique. So we have made our plans flexible and future proof, we are ready for the nbn™, so that you can be too.


We support you with:

Business grade desk or cordless phone included

Unlimited local and national calls

No line rental

Low mobile rates

Dedicated Business Support

Includes a great DSL Internet plan


* Offer valid for customers that sign up before October 31, 2018

Smart Features

The Commander Phone platform is packed with features that make running your business easier.

Hunt Groups

Sends incoming calls to the next available line in a group of lines. (First group free).

Simultaneous Ring

All of your phones ring at the same time, until the call is picked up on one of the phones.

Sequential Ring

Your phones ring one after the other, until the call is picked up.


Receive voice messages in your email, webmail or smart phone.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another phone extension or to an external third party number.

Auto Receptionist

Automated call answering with personalised menu options to direct calls. (eg. Press 1 for Sales)

Customer Call Forward

Choose which calls are redirected to another destination.

3 Way Conference Call

Talk with two other people on the same call.

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Why Choose Commander?

It's not just because we've been around for 30 years, providing business telephone systems for small businesses all over Australia. It's because over this time, we've worked closely and listened to what businesses like yours need to run their business - not complex overblown solutions, just effective solutions which get the job done. Let us help you get on with your business.

The Fine Print

  1. NBN and NBN Co, and Powered by the NBN are trademarks of NBN Co Limited and used under licence.
  2. Not available in all areas or to all customers. Only available in premises pre-installed with nbn technology.
  3. All plans are subject to a 24 month agreement. Early termination fees of 50% of the monthly access fee, by months remaining on the agreement will apply.
  4. A valid ABN is required to be eligible for these plans.
  5. Monthly Access Fees and Included Data are subject to a pro rata calculation in your first month of activation. 
  6. Fibre to the Business Services are provided to the first connection point in your premises; Standard installations are done without charge to you. Non-standard installations may require you to pay charges.
  7. If you take up a Fibre to the Business service, you may not be able to move back to a copper service.
  8. A 240-volt power supply may be required. In the event of a power outage, your services will not work unless you maintain a back-up battery.
  9. Commander Standard Form of Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy applies to our NBN Fibre Broadband services and can be found on our website at Customer Terms.
  10. Enhanced SLA terms only apply when purchased.
  11. Direct debit is the preferred method of payment. All other payment types incur a $3.95 non-direct debit surcharge. Credit card surcharges apply.
  12. Commander Business Gateway upfront charge is $129.00 on a 24 month contract and $0.00 on a 36 month contract. A $19.95 shipping and handling fee applies.
  13. Total Minimum Cost includes Monthly Access Fee over 24 months.
  14. Pricing is inclusive of GST. Information and pricing was correct as of 1 March 2018 and is subject to change in accordance with our SFOA. Commander is a registered trademark of M2 Commander Pty Limited ABN 85 136 950 082.
  15. If you’re in a newly constructed building and not already connected to the nbn, nbn Co may charge you a once-off New Development charge of $300 (inc GST).


*Terms and Conditions - Upgrade

(a)   This offer is only available during the promotional period of 01/03/2018 – 30/10/2018 (‘Promotional Period’).

(b)   As part of the offer, Commander will provide to eligible customers credits on their monthly account (‘Credit’) such that customer does not pay additional cost during their period of upgrade to the Advanced connection tier.

(c)    The period of upgrade will be for the remainder of the eligible customer’s existing contract up to a maximum of 12 months (‘Upgrade Period’).

(d)   Eligible customer means:

(i) customer whose nbn services are activated on the Advanced connection tier during the Promotional Period;
(ii) customer keeps its account current;
(iii) nbn Services are not Fixed Wireless or Satellite connections; and
(iv) nbn Services remain with Commander and customer does not move from Advanced connection tier during the Upgrade Period.

 (e)    The Credit will only be provided to eligible customers on activated services – not orders – for the Upgrade Period provided it remains active on the Advanced connection tier for the Upgrade Period.

(f)    If eligible customer leaves Commander or move from the Advanced connection tier at any time before the end of the 12 months period the Credit will cease immediately without notice.

(g)   Pro-rata rebates are applied.

(h)   Commander may immediately withdraw, suspend or amend the Credits applied in which case the Customer’s service reverts back to the connection tier it was on prior to the upgrade, or Standard, whichever may be the case.

(i)    Commander may immediately withdraw, suspend or amend this offer if nbn withdraws, suspends or amends it, or in order to comply with any lawful order, instruction or request of a Regulator or Government Agency. If this happens the Customer’s service reverts back to the connection tier it was on prior to the upgrade, or standard whichever may be the case.

(j)    Commander Standard Form of Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy applies to the services and can be found on our website at www.commander.com.au/legal/customer-terms


Commander may notify the Customer prior to the end of the Upgrade Period that the Credit is about to terminate. Customer must notify Commander in writing if it wishes to sign up to a new Advanced connection tier plan at Commander’s then current prices and terms and conditions. If the Customer does not notify the Customer that it wishes to sign up to the Advanced connection tier, the Customer accepts that its service will automatically revert back to the connection tier it was on before the upgrade.

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