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Why do more small businesses choose Commander?

Customers choose Commander because we ask all the right questions about their business needs up front.

It helps that we’ve been the small business specialists for over 30 years and transitioned thousands of small businesses (just like yours) across to premium voice and data services. Finding out about your business goals early means we can cut through all the complexity to deliver a simple, straightforward solution that sets you up for the future - so you can shift your focus to more important things - like getting back to business.

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Commander Phone

Phones can now be connected through the internet, which means no line rental, no missed calls and most of your standard local and national phone calls are for free.

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Commander Key Phone

Perfect for companies with several employees, this is a multi-line phone solution without the expense of an internal switchboard (PBX) system.

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Commander Smart SIP

We can turn any traditional telephone network into an Internet connected service without changing your handset – and with no set up fees.

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The Fine Print

Terms and Conditions – 3 Months Free Access Promotion

  1. This offer is only available during the promotional period of 17/09/2018 – 31/01/2019 (‘Promotional Period’).
  2. Eligible Customers will receive credits on their monthly invoices (‘Credit’) for their Eligible Bundle services up to a maximum of 3 months (‘Credit Period’) on the following conditions:
    1. The Credit will be applied to the Monthly Access Fees (‘MAF’) on Eligible Bundle services;
    2. Usage charges (plan dependant), once-off charges, valet offerings (including but not limited to NBN Professional Install or subsequent installations) are excluded from receiving Credits and may require you to pay additional charges; and
    3. Credits are applied on a pro-rate basis.
  3. ‘Eligible Customer’ means a customer who:
    1. Orders new Eligible Bundle services which are all activated during the Promotional Period;
    2. Customers Eligible Products contain one NBN voice and one NBN data services on the same account;
    3. does not terminate the Eligible Bundle services during the Promotional Period or Credit Period;
    4. opts in for online billing.
  4. ‘Eligible Bundle’ means a combination of one (1) NBN data plan and one (1) NBN voice plan of the following products, activated as a new service during the Promotional Period and remains activate during the Promotional Period and Credit Period:
    1. NBN data plans (All available technology types and connection tiers, except satellite connections)
      1. NBN 300GB
      2. Unlimited
    2. NBN voice plans
      1. Smart Voice
      2. Smart Biz Fibre
      3. Commander Phone
      4. Commander Key Phone
      5. SIP
      6. Complete Biz Bundle
  5. Commander reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or amend this offer without notice.


Complete Biz Bundle

  1. NBN and NBN Co, and Powered by the NBN are trademarks of NBN Co Limited and used under licence.
  2. Not available in all areas or to all customers. Only available in premises pre-installed with nbn technology.
  3. All plans are subject to a 24 month agreement. Early termination fees of 50% of the monthly access fee, by months remaining on the agreement will apply.
  4. A valid ABN is required to be eligible for these plans.
  5. Monthly Access Fees and Included Data are subject to a pro rata calculation in your first month of activation.
  6. Fibre to the Business Services are provided to the first connection point in your premises; Standard installations are done without charge to you. Non-standard installations may require you to pay charges.
  7. If you take up a Fibre to the Business service, you may not be able to move back to a copper service.
  8. A 240-volt power supply may be required. In the event of a power outage, your services will not work unless you maintain a back-up battery.
  9. Commander Standard Form of Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy applies to our NBN Fibre Broadband services and can be found on our website at Customer Terms.
  10. Enhanced SLA terms only apply when purchased.
  11. Direct debit is the preferred method of payment. All other payment types incur a $3.95 non-direct debit surcharge. Credit card surcharges apply.
  12. Commander Business Gateway upfront charge is $129.00 on a 24 month contract and $0.00 on a 36 month contract. A $19.95 shipping and handling fee applies.
  13. Total Minimum Cost includes Monthly Access Fee over 24 months.
  14. Pricing is inclusive of GST. Information and pricing was correct as of 1 March 2018 and is subject to change in accordance with our SFOA. Commander is a registered trademark of M2 Commander Pty Limited ABN 85 136 950 082.
  15. For FTTB, FTTC & FTTN customers, until your service is connected we are unable to confirm your maximum attainable speed. If your line does not support your chosen connection tier we will inform you and offer you alternative options.
  16. If you’re in a newly constructed building and not already connected to the nbn, nbn Co may charge you a once-off New Development charge of $300 (inc GST).

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