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How your small business can beat big enterprises using the cloud

The proliferation of high-speed Internet connections are making Cloud Applications a real alternative, and, used wisely can turn your business into digital leader.

Think about the tools you use every day, for example. Some help your team communicate and collaborate, others help you reach your customers better, and a few of them are for handling the basics like accounting and invoicing.

Could these tools give you more? Of course, there’s always something new and flashy you wouldn’t mind trying in your business. But ultimately, what makes any digital service or tool work is your internet connection.

A fast, flexible and reliable connection can help you compete with the big players in your industry. And it can help drive the sorts of results you might have thought out of reach for your smaller operation.

Reach further

In the cloud, you can scale up or down as your business needs. So whatever services you buy into, it’s important to realise there’s flexibility in the cloud to adapt them. This means tackling a specific challenge with an app or software at a cost that works for your business.

Here are a few examples:

Communications tools like Slack can help your team easily create chat rooms or share files. This type of technology might sound a little formal, but needn’t be exclusive to big corporates and will become more important as mobile working becomes more established.

Similarly, you can streamline your company’s accounting and invoicing by connecting to a platform like Xero or MYOB. It’s especially handy for small businesses because it’s designed to be fast and affordable and put the lifeblood of a small business, cashflow, front and centre.

Doing your accounts in the cloud this way lets you sync everything across your devices, so you can access it from anywhere. That’s a huge benefit if you’re always on the road.

Think about your other pain points. Maybe your website isn’t up to scratch and you’re having a hard time getting around to it. Open source cloud-based hosting like Dreamhost’s service makes it much easier, with unlimited disk storage space, domains, email and monthly data transfers. It’s set up to make light work for your resident IT expert by meeting specific server and storage needs—all in the cloud.

Wow your customers!

There are other great tools, too. A cloud-based marketing service like Campaign Monitor, for example, can expand your customer feedback channel. It's designed to grab direct feedback from customers using mobile devices—which is now just about everyone. It also integrates nicely with many Cloud-based CRMs,which further increases your capabilities.

How about security? While, the old way of doings things wasn’t always the most reliable, a backup product like Veeam Cloud Connect saves your data securely in the cloud. Its Server Backup product is user-friendly and protects your business from its worst nightmare—important files vanishing. Every business wants this peace of mind and consistency, which is what a high-performance cloud connection gives you.

Become a big player

The point is that becoming a leading business and one that can take on the big-name competitors isn’t impossible. The scalable and responsive nature of Cloud services can be very beneficial to support smaller businesses, which tend to be more agile and responsive to customers. And this is a major benefit when competing against large, cumbersome enterprises. You just need to work out what your biggest needs are and tap into them with the right cloud connection. 

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